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Project design

Expert guarantors

Czech Urological Society

Czech Society for Oncology

Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses at Masaryk University

The project is guaranteed by:

doc. MUDr. Marko Babjuk
VFN Praha, urology clinic

prof. MUDr. Dalibor Pacík
FN Brno, urology clinic

 MUDr. Michaela Matoušková
Section of ambulatory urologists

doc. MUDr. Jindřich Fínek PhD.
FN Plzeň, oncology clinic

prof. MUDr Luboš Petruželka CSc
VFN Praha, oncology clinic

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Project management

The project has been approved and guaranteed by the management of both expert medical societies (Czech Urological Society and Czech Society for Oncology), which have appointed a common expert group of clinical guarantors. The technological and analytical background of this project is provided by the Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses at the Masaryk University. The project is fully open to establish cooperation with unlimited number of Czech health care facilities which would respect the system of data management and data collection.

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Guaranteeing the rights of participating health care facilities and centres

Data entered into the central database are located on local computers of submitting centres at the same time. These centres retain a full control of their data entered into the project.

The project management fully respects data ownership by the participating health care facilities and the right of these facilities to decide on how these data would be used. In practice, each participating facility co-decides on the way of data processing and presentation. This rule applies unequivocally, regardless of number of provided records.

Each participating facility has the right to withdraw its data from the project, eventually suspend its data processing. The individual facilities are independent as regards the process of decision on their own data; there is no group or majority decision in this matter.

Guaranteeing the patients' rights

The project is a non-interventional health care registry, which does not make patients undergo any non-standard or unnecessary diagnostic and/or therapeutic procedures. Although no collection of personal data of patients is anticipated at the first stage of this project, the system is secured in compliance with valid legal standards, regulating any work with personal data. In particular, the following measures have been taken in order to guarantee data security:

  • technological solution with high level of security,
  • detailed project documentation and setting the standard procedures for data processing,
  • notification and discussion of project solution with legal authorities concerned in personal data security (if personal data are to be collected in next stages of this project),
  • patient’s informed consent, providing explicit information on the extent and form of treatment of his personal data.

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